Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection

Fast, Effective Disinfection. 

About CDD

The Total Disinfection System: Harnessing the disinfecting power of Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide disinfection is the gold-standard for eliminating all the harmful pathogens that put your health at risk. While our competitors remain in the dark about Chlorine Dioxide, Adamah Cleaning is getting astounding results for our customers using our innovative Total Disinfection System. To date, we’ve disinfected buildings following COVID exposure, disinfected a veterinary facility after a Parvovirus outbreak, and protected high-risk facilities from blood-borne pathogen contamination. Additionally, monthly facility treatment keeps our customers healthier than ever, which has proven invaluable during the COVID pandemic. Whether it’s a one-time treatment or built into your monthly cleaning service, Adamah Cleaning’s Total Disinfection Service is the germ-killing silver bullet you’ve been looking for.